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Friends for over 20 years Bobby Moore and Adam Simmons get together for a weekly conversation about everything from the state of the world, Lebron James' hairline , or the potentiality of alien existence. Joined every week by a new guest, and cornered by the Puerto Rican Superproducer, the Simmons and Moore Podcast take their unorthodox style out on the podcast world. Unedited and recorded LIVE at the Compound in Long Branch, New Jersey #SAMPC We stay lit, so we don't have to get lit. Follow us on twitter and instagram: @SimmonsandMoore Like us on Facebook and always #SAMPC
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May 20, 2018

the boys are joined by the soulful Fern and Pom from Foes of Fern to discuss the most recognizable theme songs from TV shows, touring and how delicious gas station ice cream COULD be and Matt dropped a brand new song  live on the air! keeping it loose, keeping it Folky. 





May 13, 2018

Mike and Ricky drop in on a rainy mother’s day to talk DEEEEEEEEP conspiracy theories, playing Fortnite, incorrect expectations in a street fight and why the hell we don’t know where our taxes go. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. ya tu sabe. 


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May 6, 2018

Finallly Becky is back to pick the boys’ brains again, and boy does she ever. They go incredibly deep today and this a long conversation about anxiety, lifestyle changes, dealing with real life and Adam tells part of the story of almost shitting his pants in Lake George. it goes DEEP and then just a little bit deeper. also, beware of the bushes. ya tu sabe. 


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Apr 29, 2018

*SPOILER ALERT* just a heads up.. at some point in the episode, we talk for 17 mins about the new Avengers: Infinity War, we give you ample warning so don’t cry! this episode is the MOST SAMPC episode of he podcast their is. Bobby and Adam find themselves in the studio, alone and realized about an hour in to hanging out they can record a new piece of art, and it is exactly that: ART. topics for today’s intoxicated conversation: Yeezy goes nuts, Bill Cosby gets 10, Meek Mill gets out, the NFL is littty like Hello Kitty, the Koreas end their war and we go SUPER deep on Avengers, balls deep in fact. 







Apr 22, 2018


The Simmons and Moore Podcast turns 2! all hopped up on Vitamin C and coming HAWT off the 420 weekend Bobby and Adam get right in to the shits with the hot takes on Coachella, Tekashi 69 vs Adrien Broner, how to wear a fanny pack, language as a dwindling form of communication, and the importance of Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer Prize.





Apr 15, 2018

the boys are joined by long time friend and visual artist Efrain Longchamp. Rain speaks on how he began as an artist, his roots and how his creative outlet has become not only a lifestyle but has completely changed how he sees life. Bobby shares a story of a fight in Ef’s old apartment. the Boys speak on the NBA playoffs, the creative process, building your dreams from scratch, the past, and the future of art. Alliance everything, off rip.



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Apr 8, 2018

The boys come with that heavy HEAT and go over the latest UFC Card, the current trends in Jiu Jitsu, who is the true goat? pulling guard in the streets, fighting bears and Bobby gets his first real taste of Jiu Jitsu when Nick puts that WORK on in live in the studio. (video to follow) episode available on itunes google play and everywhere else you get your favorite podcast! #OSS #sampc #comedy #standup #newjersey #podcast #JIUJITSU #pullguard #hellhookers #mcdojo #jitzsoap #thatnicksallas #GOAT #ufc #jitslife #grips #lapels #justroll #nopolitics


Apr 4, 2018

Jay from The Jiu Jitsu Soap Company comes with the HEAT on this night time episode. Bobby and Adam start diving into all the hot topics of the week but get distracted by Jay being in the love action Ninja Turtles movie and all the MMA news and history with Jay. Brendan Shaub v Bruce Lee, Mario Lopez’s jerry curl and the Youtube shooting, ya tu sabe, beloveds! 




Mar 25, 2018

The boys start on a somber note this week as another young black man is gunned down, but that opens the doors to the regular problematic hot takes you’ve come to know and love with Bobby and Adam. They discuss sexual awakening, gift baskets at orgies, Donald Trump fighting Joe Biden, on the same card as Mayweather v CM Punk, Amber Rose coming out defending poorly executed blowies, the CGI and VR takeover and how difficult it really must be for child stars growing up in the limelight. Ya Tu Sabe!

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Mar 18, 2018

this week is SO problematic, and filled with hot takes like Adam worships the devil, Bobby is on a juice cleanse, Odell didn’t get smsmsmsmsmacked in a strip club, Danny is back and loves 6ix9ine, someone got their vape stolen, Trumps making up facts, Bobby Light is missing  and Sam Bradford is robbing the NFL. #SAMPC ya tu sabe. 

Mar 11, 2018

Bobby and Adam keep it easy like a Sunday Morninnnnn, full of coffee and hot sauces dive right in on all the hot takes from Odell Beckham Jr. smoking in bed with a snapchat thot, the 90s being super lit, Toys R Us is bankrupt, Trump is talking to North Korea about nukes and Alexa is laughing at y’all MFer’s.. also, ghost pepper sauce happened mid episode.. for sureee comment like and share! SAMPC ya tu sabe beloved. 

Mar 9, 2018

Martial artist and fitness guru Mike Rodgers Jr joins Bobby and Adam on the 100th episode of the podcast. Mike talks about dropping everything in his life to go after his fitness dreams, the hard knocks story behind slow motion backflips on the internet and all 70 of his abs. The shots come out and questions about dicks follow in this can’t miss episode

Mar 5, 2018

the boys are jiu by Mr. 5th Round himself stand up comedian Angelo Gingerelli! the boys full of coffee talk about a whole slew of topics from the Social media taking over, mumble rap being the new punk rock, because hip hop is the new Rock and Roll, St Paddy’s day is for white people because they got through black history month? according to Bobby, yes. life in stand up, Pork roll is the perfect hangover cure and apparently Bobby had a boy band?? 50 cent stay hard “fuck Rick Ross”Kill yourself like mortal kombat 2 Batman v. the world, and SAMPC is about to Break some Guinness World Records!

Feb 26, 2018
Airick Robles flies in from outer space and talks about his crazy life in the military and traveling, his life in Japan including Japanese Love Hotels, the food and lady boys. Bobby Light and Airick explain what “Pussy Punch inc.” is, life at raves and Las Vegas, professional dick artists, College players being paid problematic NYU lunches for black history month the #BoycottNRAMovement and some Other shit. #SAMPC
Feb 21, 2018
The boys jump RIGHT IN this week Black China taking Kim K’s rise to fame, Eddie Murphy in 1997 was transex woke, Black Panther was incredible and the boys talk about future marvel thangs, professional Side piece advice..from the side, the Dunk contest and All Star Game weekend, is 11,000 yds for nfl running back hall of fame enough? and don’t let your excuses become your crutches!
Feb 15, 2018
Episode 96 with Science Fiction author Cardell Marshall. Cardell's first book Crescent Sun, is coming out this Spring! Bobby Adam and Bobby Light are flying without Rico Sauvé aka the Puerto Rican Super Producer who was out laying down the law for Valentine’s Day, so of course so WELL off topic, and deep into aliens and god being real, fantasy football and Game of Thrones, Happy Valentine’s day everyone, wear protection. #sampc
Feb 7, 2018

Deep in the week long riots in Philly after the super bowl, Bobby and Adam jump right into it, the launching of SpaceX, talking about the Winter Olympics, potential aliens reincarnated in Russia, defending Dave Chappelle, Bobby Light is illuminati now? Bobby Moore tells an extremely problematic story about suckin dick and eating ice cream.

Jan 31, 2018

The boys are joined by Garden State Hip Hop Founder Rodney Coursey and Rapper Joe College, to talk about their upcoming album release party for the album CIVxSAV Forever. College and RC talk about the importance of staying motivated in a changing market and remaining hungry years into the game. With Elon Musk selling blowtorches, Steve Harvey using his mustache for hair plugs and the super bowl right around the corner you know Bobby and Adam dive deep into all the current events and news with all the hottest takes! stay lit, beloved.

Jan 23, 2018

After two hours in isolation chambers, the boys step back into reality and right on to mics in this in depth conversation with Andy from the Float Studio! sit back and enjoy Bobby Adam Danny and Bobby Light try to explain the completely weightless and enlightening experience. of course we take left turns and start talking about Bobby’s past and questionable decisions. don’t forget to like rate and share this episode! ¡ya tu sabe!

Jan 17, 2018


From 1992 being lit for video games to the Hawaii bomb scare and what Bobby and Adam would do with 45 mins to live the boys discuss everything from the week including:
Shithole comments from Trump and Anderson Cooper’s breakdown, Oprah presidency, the apparent Kardashian baby, Dating an Instagram model, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day Bobby defending this thoughts on black peoples, Black history month, problematic H&M monkey hoodies, Johnny macs rant/possibly dudes with dicks? and would you bang a Sex Robot? *Dude she’s gotta dick?*

Jan 8, 2018

After a week off the boys get snowed, and record in their bath robes Bobby explains how he wants his funeral played out, Bobby thinks he might be adopted. Adam defends Diddy for saying “Daddy” on drink champs, having two completely different new years, Adam hit up the float tank and drowned in wine while Bobby went to a party with a bunch of unattractive people. Trump on twitter again talking about who has a bigger button, Jeff Sessions is trying to stop legalization

Dec 27, 2017

The boys finish the year with a BANGER with Avery Morris. Will smith Netflix movie/god is a wizard spoiler alert, what the boys’ Superpowers would be, Will Smith movies ,Lupes support shoutout and fundraising and awareness, Glanced over SpaceX launch, Cardi B blesses the internet with her nudes, Deep cuck Porn talk, Bobby’s first hockey game leads to argument, Aarron Rodgers going to the Jags

Dec 20, 2017

Becky comes with that HEAT before christmas! from sex and sexuality to stress and coping mechanisms, the boys talk about it all! and we finish the episode with an impromptu therapy session with Bobby Moore himself. #SAMPC

Dec 13, 2017

From Avocados without pits and Bobby’s future as a rapper named RIBS, to being bullied, problematic parents and a would be attacker in NYC, Bobby and Adam dive right in to all the hot topics of the week. Stay Lit so you ain’t have to get lit! #SAMPC.

Dec 6, 2017
The boys are joined with #bitcoin broker and conspiracy theorist Israel Wilson! Is breaks down bitcoin for all of us, discussing the history of currency and more importantly the future! from human trafficking to data streams and all the theories in between. Join Bobby and Adam as they sling that thing heavy! you already know we bring the HOT takes. #SAMPC always ya tu sabé
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