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Friends for over 20 years Bobby Moore and Adam Simmons get together for a weekly conversation about everything from the state of the world, Lebron James' hairline , or the potentiality of alien existence. Joined every week by a new guest, and cornered by the Puerto Rican Superproducer, the Simmons and Moore Podcast take their unorthodox style out on the podcast world. Unedited and recorded LIVE at the Compound in Long Branch, New Jersey #SAMPC We stay lit, so we don't have to get lit. Follow us on twitter and instagram: @SimmonsandMoore Like us on Facebook and always #SAMPC
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Aug 16, 2017

This podcast is LIT. Cruz and Rossi come in straight from the studio fired up on some WILD music business type stuff! they share stories problematic trips to West Virginia, the local music scene growing up, battle rap triggers Bobby, the importance of music while growing up, our crazy party stories and fuck racism hard.

Aug 9, 2017
The boys are joined by Brett Pollarine who shares his story of recovery and redemption. overcoming the odds and all fears Brett talks about battling addiction and trying to live a life worth loving. He also shares embarrassing stories about Adam and their crazy past together, and YOU KNOW we break down the weird videos you guys sent us! Stay Lit, beloved.


Aug 2, 2017

The boys are joined by Photographer and Adventurer Abe Tuachi, to discuss everything from traveling the world via random Groupon deals to Iceland, Justin Bieber's problematic pastor, who they think should play the new James Bond and of course the strangeness that is the internet in the past week. and trust me.. it gets STRANGE. go to for all of the content we generate here at the compound and don't forget to rate like and subscribe! Stay Lit, Beloved!

Jul 26, 2017
When a random team breakfast turns into a podcast Bobby and Adam go in on everything from the week including Usher Confessions part 4, Bobby breaks down how he thinks Game of Thrones is going to end, we breakdown how OJ's comeback tour should go #thejuiceisloose, ComicCon trailers being released, Chester Bennington passing away and how we think the new HBO show Confederate Chronicles is going to play out, and let's just say it's going to be litty two titty. shout out to Werther's Originals! and a whole weeks worth of strange videos from the interent including a workplace harassment montage that has Bobby hyped!


Jul 19, 2017

While Bobby is off saving the world, Adam is manning the helm with therapist, body positive advocate and is good friend Jess Melillo. After conquering her own eating disorder Jess has set out to help those who have similar experiences and problems and is doing so with grace. Adam and Jess share stories of their own anxieties and lives and how important it is to live your life, for you.

Jul 12, 2017

The boys go DEEEP on a hot summer night with model, singer coastal transplant and soon to be shirtless Tony Jaw to discuss racism freedom of speech, Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna, Tony convinces Bobby dinosaurs are real, Stranger Thing 2 is going to be lit, sending nudes, Conor Floyd is fire emoji fire emoji, body shaming is real, and real fucked up, body modding and tattoos Stay Lit, Beloved.

Jul 5, 2017

The boys exercise their rights to party for America's 241st birthday with the incredibly American Armando Tamargo! Armando came ready with Sangria, American flag shorts and Lil Jon Karaoke. This episode goes off the rails quickly, and turns into an Intoxicated Gentleman Podcast. so light your cigars, grill your assorted meats, crack open a couple of cold ones and flex that freedom hard! we stay free so we ain't have to get free. #SAMPC #USA

Jun 28, 2017

The boys come in HOT with a week full of ridiculousness. from the NBA to Pro Wrestling, what the internet is doing to the human psyche and Bobby Moore finally figures out what bukkake is. Send us your hot takes and fresh videos, don't forget to like and subscribe and as always stay lit beloved!


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Jun 21, 2017

The boys are joined by Luke McKenna from Mercury Brothers and things get weird quick, from the 25th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat to Prodigy from Mobb Deep passing away, how lit Westworld is but apparently still not as lit as Princess Leia was when she passed away. Stay Lit, Beloved.

Jun 14, 2017

The boys are back at it again, in the middle of a heatwave to do what they do best, BRING THE HEAT. From Adam West dying, the chances of Connor and Floyd throwing the hands officially, Dennis Rodman going BACK to Korea to kick it like it's 1995, the NBA Finals and whatever the fuck D Wade was wearing at game 4 and finally they discuss a potential road that would cross 80% of the world from london to new york! #SAMPC

Jun 7, 2017

This Knitter Right Here! with Darryl Canfield.
The boys comes out SWINGING this week with the HOTTEST takes on Trump in Paris, Lebron making it interesting, Bill Maher talking out the side of his mouth out dropping yet another hard R on live TV, and bettering yourself through arts and organization as a whole.

Stay Lit, beloved.


May 31, 2017

With Danny out on vacation the boys do their best to not burn down the studio. Bobby and Adam go IN on Tiger Woods, young Yankee blood, and half way through a conversation about culture Young Bobby Light comes through and hits the boys with HOT TAKES on Colorado Weed taxes, Korean fireworks, and Bryce Harper's bench clearing brawl.. and Bobby or should we say Rasheed Seacrest has a new game for the squad to play.


May 24, 2017

This week on the show we pay our respects to the Octopussy himself Roger Moore..Katy Perry looking like Miley Cyrus but dancing like Betty White ...We debate what's the best cybernetic enhancements. Trump baby mons curves him again... And of course Lebron. This episode is full of left turns so enjoy the ride.



May 17, 2017

The boys are joined by world traveler, international sketchy human, organic athlete and CEO of Etiquette of a rolling stone Daniel Evan Szejnrock! that's SHEN-ROCK, yes like a wizard. Dan shares a few stories with Adam and Bobby among other things: His current mission of building schools in Africa, traveling across Australia, and of course a night at the strip club hel never forget!




May 8, 2017

The boys are visited by model, musician, producer, and former college athlete Robert Wayne, ANNND producer, DJ, restauranteur burrito queen, and perpetual back door user DJ Verseti!! The episode take a huge left when a bottle of jack Daniel's comes out of nowhere and takes the show for a deep ride. 

May 3, 2017

The boys went off the rails talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class and went DEEP into my 600 lb Life, fat legs, farting in relationships, the dutch oven, the NFL Draft, Cinco De Mayo and Bobby shares a story about leaving a the check at Buffalo Wild Wings. STAY LIT, BELOVED

Apr 26, 2017

oh boy, the boys get lit and turn a normal episode straight into an intoxicated gentleman's podcast. they discussed Adam's stand up gig, AP going to the Saint, the year in review and of course LeBron James ANNND our producer Danny gets on the mic HEAVY and breaks down the realness. thank you everyone for supporting us this past year! we know you stay lit!

Apr 19, 2017

This week the boys are joined by musician entrepreneur and business man: Dane the beautiful monster. The boys go in on every topic from the last week including North Korea, Charlie Murphy, staying true to yourself, The possibility of aliens, and you know the NBA playoffs and your boy LeBron James! Stay Lit beloved

Apr 12, 2017

 The boys are joined by Milly, Kid and Suki from the Lust Life and go WILD deep into relationships, sex, love, lust and eating ass! facts are facts beloved and you know we kept it 100!
Stay Lit, Beloved.

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Apr 5, 2017

The boys are joined by the one and only OG Poppa Bear Nicky D! Nick talks about growing up in Brooklyn and New Jersey, over coming hardships we all face in life, and making the most out of the hand you're dealt. we got a packed house tonight at the Compound and no shortage of ridiculous stories about a fight Nicky and Adam may or may not have been in at a pizza spot 10 years ago! as always stay lit, beloved

Mar 29, 2017

The boys are joined by producer, musician and photographer Ryan Bellis who came with a bottle of Jameson and they go DEEP into throwback UPN, 90's TV crushes, Ryan's time in Vegas, and go off the rails about Bobby's former porn addiction, Trump being unathletic, the local music scene in the early 2000 and everything in between. Stay Lit, beloved. #SAMPC DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Mar 22, 2017

The boys are joined by the one and only Toki Thyme from YBMG. Everything from battle raps and personal style, to Serena Williams being She Hulk! This episode goes HARD! Toki blesses the compound with some deeeeeeep bars! We stay Lit so we aint have to get lit! #SAMPC

Mar 15, 2017

So Bobby Moore got swept up in the non storm drama with this fake blizzard, so Darryl from Jitzweb came to answer the bat signal because the show must go on beloved! The boys talk about everything from finding personal progress in every day things, and the potential fight between the Holy Nut Cherrio's Bee and Jerry Seinfield's bee from the Bee Movie. You Know we Stay Lit, beloved. 

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Mar 8, 2017

Bobby, Adam, and a rare appearance by the Puerto Rican Super Producer Danny discuss everything from the Shether heat, UFC 209, potential wire tapping in Trump tower, and that FUCK BOY Ben Carson. Bookie Williams aka Woke Bobby go INNN on that moron HUD director. Hot takes for days. Stay Woke, Stay Lit

Mar 1, 2017

The boys are joined tonight by meditation guide, community leader, TedX contributor, and spiritual gangster Rodney Salomon with wellness and love, beloved. Ra takes the boys deep into a conversation about both the metaphysical and spiritual realms, traveling through your conscious and breaking through subconscious. Open your third eye, and welcome the change you want to see in your life...and you know Bobby had some questions about that ass!


Stay Lit Beloved 

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